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Comparison: Office Depot vs Just Chair Mats

A vast majority of our customers find us after having horrible experiences with chair mats purchased from large retailers like Office Depot. We wanted to offer a little comparison for you to help you make the best decision possible. Take a look at the differences between our products and theirs and we think you’ll agree that the choice is clear!

Office Depot Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Chair Mat For Carpet. 47" x 35

Just Chair Mats Executive: 36 x 48 Rectangle .250" Clear Vinyl Chairmat For Carpet


Office Depot: .090”
Ours: .250"

Mat thickness is one of the most important aspects for longevity and performance of your mat and ours are almost 3 times as thick!. Buying a thin mat like the one from Office Depot will greatly increase the likelihood of your mat cracking or breaking. Ours are guaranteed for life to never crack, chip or break.


This is a pretty big deal. Everybody wants to save money but what good is saving money on a mat if you have to replace it in a few months? For just a few dollars more, you can get a much higher quality mat with a Lifetime Warranty!

Office Depot Price: $91.99 (plus shipping)
Our price: $158.79 (with FREE shipping)

What are people saying?

Here’s a few reviews we found directly from the Office Depot website. These are real folks that have tried the mats and found that they just don’t hold up.

Not durable

"Mat was thinner and stiffer than expected. Cracked after a few months. After six months it is severely cracked. I am a big guy but I expected better."

Do Not Buy This

"This cracked within a month of use. Like the previous poster, it is severly cracked a few months in. I am not that heavy, so I do not think it has anything to do with weight. My carpet is not commercial grade as this is used in a home office. This was to accomodate it but did not. Maybe a very light person with commercial grade carpet could have a good result. Other than that, I do not think this is a valuable product and will be replacing it."


Need a larger size or a custom shape? We have you covered. We offer a wide variety of sizes as large as 72" x 96" and can custom cut your mat to fit your furniture all at no additional cost. You can browse our most popular shapes or upload your own drawing

We also have a very informative article on how to properly select and measure your mat. 

We're Chair Mat Experts

Making a quality chair mat isn't rocket science but it's helpful if you know what you're doing. We've been in this business for years and we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the perfect mat. We only do one thing at Just Chair Mats and that is make the best possible mats on the planet. Call us at: 936-276-8950 or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!