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Selecting The Right Chair Mat

Chair mats are a great ergonomic tool that help reduce stress, fatigue and the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries from rolling your chair. Chair mats also protect your rugs, carpets and flooring from damage caused by chair casters and are a valuable addition to your work space.

The three factors to consider when choosing your chair mat are:

-Floor type (material selection)
-Size of your work area
-Furniture arrangement


Material Selection

The first step is determining the type of floor you have and which mat material is best suited for that type.
It is very important to select the right style mat for your your carpet. If your mat is too thin it can crack and break. The thicker your chair mat the more stable and easier it will be to maneuver in your chair while rolling. 

Carpeted floors:

There are 3 categories of carpet thicknesses.

-Low Pile (typically found in offices. Very uncommon for home use)
-Medium Pile (found in some offices and homes)
-Thick Pile (found in most homes and executive offices.
The easiest way to check the thickness of your carpet is to straighten the end of a paper clip, then sink it into the carpet, through the padding, until it reaches the floor. Grab the paper clip at the point where it's flush with the carpet. (Be sure you're not matting down the carpet with your hand.) Measure the distance between your fingers and the end of the paper clip. That's the carpet's thickness.

Once you know the thickness of the carpet, selecting the right style of mat is easy.

If your carpet & pad is: ¼”  thick or less

The Economy or Economy (Black) line would be the best choice. 

If your carpet & pad is: ¼”- ¾" 

Our Premium line is the best option. A lifetime warranty is also included with these mats. 


If your carpet & pad is:  ¾" & thicker

You should choose the Executive line which also includes a lifetime warranty


When in doubt, always select a thicker mat than you think you need.

Hard Floors:

We have two options for hard floors (tile, wood, concrete etc.) These mats provide a smooth, consistent surface to roll on. 

They’re available in clear or black vinyl. The clear mats are our most popular and provide a great rolling surface. The Black vinyl is great for covering up unsightly or damaged areas.



Mat Shape:

The shape of your mat will be determined by how your furniture is configured in your office. Nearly all arrangements will fit one of our standard shapes but if you don’t see yours listed, you can email us a drawing and we can cut your mat to any shape that you require.

Once you’ve found the shape that your mat needs to be it’s time to take some measurements.  You can download and print an easy to use printable template or make a rough sketch of your mat on paper. It doesn’t need to be to scale or proportional. Just make sure it’s the basic shape of the mat and we’ll go off the measurements to cut it.

A rule to remember is that opposite side totals of the mat should match. (example – The total of the horizontal measurements across the top of the mat should equal the total of the horizontal lines across the bottom of the mat. The same applies to the vertical lines on the right and left sides of the mat. Double check your measurements and make sure they add up.

Using a tape measure, measure the areas and write them down on the drawing as illustrated below. You will need this information later in the process as we transfer this information from paper to the computer. Round your inside measurements (lip area) down to the nearest inch mark. (example – Your measurement is 25 1/2″ you would round it down to 25″) This will allow enough clearance to install the mat without damaging the furniture. This will not affect the effectiveness of the mat.
If part of your mat will be going under a desk or other piece of furniture, it’s best to have it 10” under the desk to make sure your chair wheels don’t roll off as you approach the edge


All of our custom mats are cut from one of several standard sizes. After you have your measurements,  find out which standard size will accommodate your needs and we will cut your mat to the specifications you provide. Once you have determined the measurements for your mat, select a standard mat size that is closest to the largest dimensions of your mat.

Ready to get started? Start by selecting your material type here!