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Standard Template Chair Mats

We have a variety of thicknesses to fit any floor type in your home or office. Choose from one of the material types below to shop from our selection of standard chair mat templates.  If you want a custom chair mat you can shop our custom chair mats here. 

The Executive line is .250" thick and best suited for thick pile carpet like you'd find in most homes. This line also includes a lifetime warranty
The Premium line is .200" thick and used in medium pile carpeted areas or thick carpet with little-no padding. It also has a lifetime warranty. 
The Economy line is .130" thick and used where there is very thin carpet without any padding (general office use). It's our most affordable mat. 
Hard Surfaces Our non-studded chair mat is made from clear .100" thick vinyl material, and works well on any hard surface. While the chair mat is mostly clear it has a slight texture on both sides. The texture on the top side reduces scratching and helps your casters grip, while the texture on the bottom keeps the chair mat in place. 
Hard Surfaces (Black) This line features .110" thick black vinyl with a textured top surface for slip and scuff resistance. It protects your flooring from wear, spills, and heavy traffic; it also covers worn, damaged, or stained areas.