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Economy (Black): 36 x 48 Rectangle .130" Black Vinyl Chairmat

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The Economy (Black):

This is our most affordable mat for carpeted surfaces. It features .130" thick black vinyl with a textured top surface for slip and scuff resistance as well as the AnchorBar cleat system. The exclusive AnchorBar cleat system makes chair mats less dangerous to handle. Using a series of staggered perpendicular bars, the cleat system "anchors" the mat as securely as traditional cleats and is gentle on the carpet and fingers.
This black chair mat protects your flooring from wear, spills, and heavy traffic; it also covers worn, damaged, or stained areas. These mats deliver enduring performance and classic style while making a lasting professional appearance. Available in straight edge only.

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Need help? Take a look at our helpful article on how to select the right chair mat and properly measure for it.

Moisture Control Feature:

Chair mats create the ideal surface to roll on but in humid conditions or when a mat is placed on a carpeted area where the concrete was not properly sealed, serious issues can arise. The moisture under the mat is trapped so it accumulates under the mat until mold or mildew starts to grow. This creates a very unhealthy condition. The Moisture Control Feature provides holes every 2 inches to allow moisture to escape! They are made by hand in our state of the art production facility and are perfect for basement offices or other high-humidity environments.